Make FREE Calls to Bangladesh

Stop using expensive calling cards to call international to Bangladesh. Calling cards have connection fees, per minute rounding, and use it once or lose your value restrictions. Many calling cards also have the restriction on how many day after activation the balance expires. We here attempt to eliminate pain of waisting lots of money on calling cards and other prepaid international plans. Also, do not pay excuberant fees for Bangladesh international direct dialing.Do not get ripped by hidden fees for international direct dialing to Bangladesh.

FREE Calls to Bangladesh (Land or Mobile Phones) UsingJaxtr

  1. Goto site.
  2. Get a local number using your number and receving partly number. Local number is local to both of you even though you can be from different countries.
  3. You call that local number.
  4. Receving party get a text message that you are trying to call them (or you can use FREE SMS to send the receiving part that you waiting for them to dial the local number you provided; Or you can use Evaphone (shown below) to make a quick free direct call and let them know you are waiting for them to connec to Jaxtr)
  5. Receiving party dials their local number and connect both of you for unlimited mintues.

FREE PC based Calls to Bangladesh Phone (Land or Limited Mobile) Using FreeCalls

  1. Download FREECall program.
  2. Install it. Then, go thru their free signup and get a free username and password.
  3. Scan and test your microphone and speaker.
  4. Login to freecall application.
  5. Make direct call to any land number they support. They also have a limited countries with mobile supported. 

FREE Web Page Based Quick Direct Phone Calls to Bangladesh usingEvaphone

Using Evaphone you can make quick calls to Bangladesh. Find out how long you can call here. Evaphone has a limitation of two calls per day.

FREE Calls to Bangladesh (Mobile and Land Phones) Using Talkster

You and your friend needs to get local number. Getting FREE local Talkster numbers for you and your friends around the world is simple!

  1. The first time only, tell us the name and phone number of the friend you want to call
  2. You are given a new Talkster phone number for each friend that is yours to use forever. Save it in the address book on your phone!
  3. Whenever you want to talk to your friend, dial the new local Talkster number for that friend instead of the old long distance or international number.

We would personally recommend if you have a computer with broadband connection and admin rights to install programs, install freecalls and dial number directly off the computer. Our second choice would be Jaxtr or Talkster.


Free international calls from UK mobile phone

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If you are looking to make free international calls from mobile then we have good news for you. Now you can make FREE calls from UK to South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and many more destinations from your mobile phone.
Inclusive International Calls its UK clients to stay in touch with their friends and family using their Orange, O2, Tmobile mobile networks. Calls from the UK are just within your budget. We use state-of-the-art technology to offer this exclusive service to make free calls from your own mobile.
High number of International calls may upset your budget in this bad economic conditions but IIC have the solution. Our telecom engineers have worked hard to find this unique solution just for you

so that you can save money on your international calling.
The ease of use is another salient feature of our calling service. It is very simple to get started. All you need to do is to get yourself registered by filling in our simple online registration form and mentioning your mobile network (Orange, TMobile, O2 others). Please click the link below:
Registration Free International Calls from mobile

Just Pay For Cheap and make International Calls 24

The innovative new telephone service or to give free international call credit for free, if necessary, can pay for cheaper calls. Many of the services in terms of obtaining credit and call for free registration. I was allowed long distance calls with Free411, the service is closed, since then, I remember that long ago there was a directory assistance service has been nothing good to allow a free international calls now. The service is called InclusiveInternationalCalls. I have done some research and found out that this company is based in United Kingdom. InclusiveInternationalCalls, depending on whether you are affiliated with the advertisers and free international calls to load funds into your account, you can choose to make cheap international calls. When you subscribe to
a service that is given credit for the call is free. If you are satisfied with their service, which are car insurance, for example, has to give credit worth about $ 7 for the call, or by taking the lead surveys, earn more free credit you have the option. Because credit is a moment, after completing an investigation, you can make free calls immediately. How to get more credit? It’s easy. Invite your friends to join InclusiveInternationalCalls. Give them your referral link to join the service. When you register for the service you have given credence to the call. To purchase any of their free call credit, you are given or have obtained a 20% commission on all purchases during the month. In addition, payment by mobile phone so you can load funds to your PayPal account to pay your phone, you pay a gift card for unused air you can make calls through the exchange of points even if you have earned miles. Which I personally think a great way to save money without spending money calls. Let’s see now how to make a call. This is the attractive part of IIC. There are many ways to make free calls. You can call access number or you can even call from your UK mobile or InclusiveInternationalCalls website. This is the beauty of this website. It is not limited. You maybe tired of taking a survey and do not want to spend any more time on free calls. InclusiveInternationalCalls rates are very cheap like free and the quality is great too, you can say one of the finest quality of IIC. To know how to make free international calls or free calls from mobile, visit the website:

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Call free to Bangladesh Landline and Mobile (Rynga SuperDeal. 24 freecall) 24

Recently we talked about the increased rates of Jumblo/actionvoip etc. We were expecting new service to be launched and finally Dellmont srl launched new service called Rynga discount VoIP provider and offering the cheapest calling rate to India which is only 0.007 EUR/min (0.7 cents per minute)

Rynga discount voip provider Website

Rynga works in the same way other betamax/dellmont providers work and provide almost all the features like

  • Cheap calling rates (India mobile 0.007 EUR, 0.7 cents per min)
  • 120 free days for free destinations
  • SIP calling with Rynga SIP settings
  • Phone-to-phone
  • Local access number
  • Cheap SMS
  • Areacode Feature
  • Reselling by becoming Rynga reseller

You can also use rynga with Sip devices like SIP ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter), SIP Router, xDSL Modem, SIP softphones and SIP with mobile

Rynga SIP setting

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your rynga username
Password : your rynga password
Display name/number : your rynga username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

Supported Codecs:
G.711 (64 kbps)
G.726 (32 kbps)
G.729 (8 kbps)
G.723 (5.3 & 6.3 kbps)
GSMFR (13.2 kbps) still offers 3 minutes free calls each time is a well known free international calls from computers. Most of my blog readers have known it very well. But for our new readers or someone may forgot it. I write is again to show our friends that don’t forget Sometimes you may need it.It has been providing free voip calls from pc for many years. So most of my friends who cares about voips know it very well. It’s not easy for a voip provider who offers free voip calls for so many years. But evaphone made it.
It’s very convenient to make free internationals on line by It requires no register, what you need to do is just visit and you could see a modal of phone. Then you just dail the number you want to call. Before you input your destination number, you need to choose the
country code, the dail. By the way, you don’t need to add an “0” before dail moble phone.
After you dail the number, their will be 10 seconds’ Ad and 10 seconds later, you could talk. I have
tried it, and it really works. But you could only speak for 3 minutes, and you could only make free calls through twice. 
I you reall need free calls, Just have a try! here  It’s not a bad option.
calls to BD offers $1 free trial calls from iPhone or Smartphone

These years,voip technology has developed very well. But mobile voip is still developing and it’s being perfrect enough for customers. It works well if you have a very good mobile network connection. The service of voip calling from pc is very common to us. It’s very convinent for us to make calls when we are surfing the Internet. However,with the development of mobile network, mobile voip is becoming popular and people started to fall in love with it. Ecoaller is one of the

best mobile voip calling providers. To attractive more new costumers, it offers $1 free calling credit  to new costumers to try their services.

Now let me tell you how to make the free trial calls offered by
Step 1, please download ecocaller apps for mobile for

Step2,register an account from and use this account to login when you run the app on your mobile phone. By they way, you must make sure the email address is real and it will be used to verify your account.

Step3, After loginning with your active account, you will be able to use it now.

Ecocaller works well on mobile devieces such as iphone,ipad,ipod touch,android mobile,blackberry mobiles,windows phone,nokia symbain. You can download ecocaller app  from App Store on your phone, You just search the keyword ECOLAAER and you will find it.
Android users can download the app directly from Android Market on their phone, just search for ecocaller.
For other supported devices, find your handset on the right, download the app to your desktop and upload to your phone via usb. If you have a QR code reader on your smartphone, simply scan the relevant QR code to download the app directly.
When you SIGN UP for an ECOCALLER account you will receive a SIP username and password which you enter on the SIP Account page, under Settings.
Now, download Ecocaller form HERE.
Of course, you can still make calls with ecocaller from pc by webpage which also works very cool! And the rates of ecocaller are really cheap. For example, you can make international calls to china for just about 0.0100$. That means your tril calling can be 100 minutes if you want to call people who are now in China.

Thanksgiving,Making completely free calls to US for 3 days

Readers who always visit my blog must remember Mo-call which I have talked about many times. The lastest post is mo-call Offers Free International Calls to China and Hong Kong (unlimitied)! Now,Mo-call have another free offers to us. You know one of the most important festivals,THanksgiving is coming. We all konw that thanksgiving is a festival for us to show thanks, gratitude and appreciation to others. Mang great voip providers also want to show their thanks to their users. Say thanks for their supports to all users. Mo-call is one of them, from  6am PST Thursday 24 to 2 AM PST 26th of November. All Mo-call users could make free calls to their
friends,famlilis,relavtives and lovers in US.Come on, guys! Just make a free call to say thanks to someone you want to